This is the liveliest early service you've ever attended. We gather early to praise God as the piano, bell choir and soloists lead us in music. We follow a traditional order of worship in a relaxed atmosphere. It's the perfect service for those who squeeze in a day's worth of living before most of the world wakes up!

SANCTUARY: An Ancient/Future Worship Service — 10:55AM


You've never been to a service quite like this one. This service is rooted in wisdom of the oldest hymns and creeds of the church give, and it bears fruit in the extravagant praise of contemporary styles of prayer and praise. Rather than being delivered in a single moment, the sermon is interwoven with music and prayer to create a seamless experience of worship and adoration. 

The Sanctuary is a time, a place, and a people. It is worship for anyone looking for something different in the midst of a troubled world or their own troubled heart. The Sanctuary is for anyone looking to be lost in wonder, love, and praise.