This is the liveliest early service you've ever attended. We gather early to praise God as the piano, bell choir and soloists lead us in music. We follow a traditional order of worship in a relaxed atmosphere. It's the perfect service for those who squeeze in a day's worth of living before most of the world wakes up!


This is the perfect service if you like modern instruments and melodies but don't like chasing trends. We gather in the Crossroads Center to the sounds of guitar, drums, keyboards and even violin or upright bass, and we respond to God with a rich mixture of multi-media and multi-sensory experiences. We confess the creeds of the ancient church, often while holding our coffee cups. 



Stained glass. A pipe organ. The warmth of hymnals and pews that are worn smooth by use. Our Sanctuary service echoes with the sights and sounds that have signified worship for centuries.  Our choir fills the space with their anthems. This is a worship service that believes reverence and joy can occupy the same space at the same time.