For over 100 years, our congregation has been sharing the love of God in Crestview, FL. We are a United Methodist Church, sharing the same core beliefs and structure as United Methodist congregations all over the world. 

From the beginning, Methodists have preferred to focus on what we hold in common with other Christians. We "refused to be distinguished... by any but the common principles of Christianity." We gladly recognize the baptism and faith of all other Christian denominations. We affirm the historic faith expressed in the Apostle's Creed and the Nicene Creed.  

However, even though we share our core beliefs with billions of Christians throughout history and the world today, we do have three distinctive points of emphasis. Think of these as our dialect of the larger language called "Christian." We particularly emphasize the universal grace of God - that God loves all people and offers saving power to all. We emphasize the power of practice - we cultivate particular habits (or "methods") of living so that we can pay attention to all the ways God is giving us grace. We also emphasize the living power of Scripture - we believe God uses the Bible to guide the church today, and God has given us the gifts of reason, tradition, and experience as indispensable tools for understanding how to apply scripture in our present moment.