Hurricane Clean-Up on Saturday, May 25


It is time for another episode of neighbors helping neighbors in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael.

Activity: Clearing several large trees and debris from the yard and piling it up at the "curb"

When: Saturday, May 25, 2019

Work Time: 9am-1pm

For Whom: For Debbie's elderly Aunt Mae

Where: xxxx Hwy 2301, Youngstown, FL

Tools: Several pairs of hands are needed, and definitely one more chain saw!

Attire: Safety glasses or goggles, work gloves, long sleeve shirt, work pants or jeans, and sturdy shoes or boots

Additional Details: One of trees is leaning on her house trailer, so we'll just have to see about that one; we don't want to cause more damage, or get hurt.

Back story: As we've previously mentioned, we "advertised" on the Hurricane Michael Updates and Resources Facebook page and Debbie saw the post and asked if we could help her elderly Aunt Mae.

Bottom line: We need to help our neighbors.

Contact: Scott Sallberg @ 505-553-9631; phone call or text; or this email:

Travel: Meet up at FUMC/Fellowship hall parking lot at 7am; I have room for up to 8 of us in my Suburban; and we’re usually back at FUMC by 3pm.

P. S. We received about 80 requests for help from the Facebook page and we're still sorting through them to address the problems that our small group can help with and sending some out to other groups.