Hurricane Clean-Up on Saturday, May 4


It is time for another episode of neighbors helping neighbors in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael.

Activity:  Clearing several large trees and debris from the yard and piling it up at the "curb"

 When:  Saturday, May 4, 2019

 Work Time:  9am-1pm

 For Whom:  For Debbie's elderly Aunt Mae

 Where:  Hwy 2301, Youngstown, FL

 Tools:  Several pairs of hands are needed, and definitely one more chain saw!

 Attire:  Safety glasses or goggles, work gloves, long sleeve shirt, work pants or jeans, and sturdy shoes or boots

 Additional Details:  One of trees is leaning on her house trailer, so we'll just have to see about that one; we don't want to cause more damage, or get hurt.

Back story:  As we've previously mentioned, we "advertised" on the Hurricane Michael Updates and Resources Facebook page and Debbie saw the post and asked if we could help her elderly Aunt Mae.

 Bottom line:  We need to help our neighbors.

 Contact:  Scott Sallberg @ 505-553-9631; phone call or text; or this email:

 Travel:  Meet up at FUMC/Fellowship hall parking lot at 7am; I have room for up to 8 of us in my Suburban; and we’re usually back at FUMC by 3pm.