Hurricane Clean-Up in Youngstown on Saturday, March 9


Hurricane Michael Clean-Up is SCHEDULED for THIS Saturday, March 9!
What's up? Our cleanup efforts at Mrs. Virginia Page's home north of Cottondale went well last Saturday, February 23, so we've contacted another family on the list that needs help.
Activity: Clearing tree debris and perhaps some debris from the destroyed garage and damaged house
When: Saturday, March 9, 2019
Work Time: 9am-1pm
For Whom: Mr. and Mrs. Kelly
Where: Youngstown, FL
Tools: Several pairs of hands are needed, and perhaps one more chain saw
Attire: Safety glasses or goggles, work gloves, long sleeve shirt, work pants or jeans, and sturdy shoes or boots
Details: There are three pine trees blocking their driveway that they'd like us to trim up and possibly move or drag off of the driveway. Given the description of the size of the trees, my 4x4 Suburban may be able to drag them off the driveway after we trim off the extra branches and cut them down to size. They would like to repurpose these downed trees to rebuild their garage.
More details: There is also a large amount of debris (including glass) in the yard since their garage was largely destroyed, a portion of their house roof was blown off, and about a dozen of their windows were blown out. Thus they're partially under a blue tarp. Helping with the roof will have to wait for another day or another group.
Back story: The Kellys have been previously hit by three other hurricanes and tornados, including Hurricane Katrina while living in New Orleans back in 2005 and now Hurricane Michael here on the pan handle. Additionally, nearly everybody that they've contacted for help has not followed through, not even the contractors that they would have paid for help.
Bottom line: We need to help our neighbors.
Contact: Scott Sallberg @ 505-553-9631; phone call or text; or this email:
Travel: Meet up at FUMC/Fellowship hall parking lot at 7am; I have room for up to 8 of us in my Suburban
P. S. There are literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of people out there that still need help, so we'll be arranging these cleanup adventures until we run out of people to help. Don't worry if you can't make it this time, we'll go out at least once a month, maybe twice.
Grace & Peace, Scott