Commitment Sunday, May 6

commitment sunday.jpg

Bring your completed covenant card

to this special morning of prayer in

all three worship services. 




“Covenant” is the personal relationship that God wants with every one of us. A covenant is a partnership. It's a two-way relationship where God makes promises to us, and we make commitments to God. God has promised to guide, empower, and save God's church, and whenever someone joins our congregation, they offer a commitment to support the church with their prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. 


We remember this covenant every time we welcome a new member, and once a year we renew our covenant by taking time to think and pray and talk about our own relationship with God. 


There are five steps in renewing our relationship with God, and you can visit to find resources for every step of the way.



All resources available at worship entrances

or at

1. Confide in God

Use the Spiritual Assessment to be honest with yourself: where do you feel most confident in your relationship with God, and where do you need to grow? 

2. Compose your spirit

Use the Spiritual Gifts Inventory to discover how you are uniquely equipped to be God's partner in redeeming the world. 

3. Claim the covenant

Print out a copy of the Covenant Renewal Card and take a week to pray and plan over how God is calling you to share your prayer, presence, gifts, service, and witness.

4. Choose Faithfulness

Complete your commitment card and bring it with you to our Commitment Service on May 6

5. Connect with God in prayer

Work on your relationship with God like you would any of your most important relationships. Try to develop a daily habit of prayer,   rooted in scripture. On May 6, we will have a Prayer Fair of recommended prayer guides, daily readings and other tools to help you walk with God in prayer.