Revelation Revival Schedule Until September 24

Worship Schedule from Sunday, July 23 through Sunday, September 17

8:30 Chapel Worship
(Traditional Order)

9:15 Breakfast opens for the Gathering Hour in The Crossroads Center

9:45 Sunday School for all ages

10:55 Sanctuary Worship

(Children's church for pre-k through 3rd grade)

A note from Pastor Michael:

Starting on July 23, I'll be preaching a series of sermons on the book of Revelation. I'm convinced that no book in the Bible has been more mistreated or misused - a book that was written to give hope to the early church has instead become the stuff of horror movies. But I'm also convinced that we live in a world that is hungry for exactly the hope that is found in Revelation. Every time we go to a superhero movie - every time we watch epic stories of good triumphing over vast evil, all against a backdrop of spectacular visuals - we are watching the shadow of the story that unfolds in Revelation.

In order to share this story in all its glory, we are going to worship in an equally epic way. Our Well service and Traditions service will come together for each of these 10 weeks, and we will worship in a service that follows the pattern of our Covenant Renewal services from early April. If you remember, on April 2 we had three worship services that each followed an identical order of worship that seamless wove together scriptures, and a variety of styles of singing, and the sermon in a continuous telling of the wonder of God. 

By uniting our gifts in worship, we will also be able to unite ourselves around the Word of God and around good food. We will have a single Sunday school hour for these 10 weeks, and we will also have a breakfast available in the Crossroads Center. You can take your food to your Sunday School class, or linger around the tables in Wesley Hall and meet someone new.
When revival begins with us, it starts a fire that cannot be contained.

The message Jesus gave to the church in Laodicea is still the message of revival today: we cannot be lukewarm, but if we will be refined by the Holy Spirit's fire, then even now we can shine like the seamless white garments of the host of heaven (Rev. 4:15-18).

Let's all be ready for a revelation revival!

Grace and peace,