FUMC Youth Headed To SIFAT

Pray for our FUMC youth coordinator, Michael Milani, our youth, and volunteer adults who are heading to SIFAT this Sunday and returning on Friday, July 22.

WHAT IS SIFAT? Well, we're so glad you asked...


The Learn & Serve (L&S) summer training experience gives North American youth a holistic view of the world and challenges them to explore how God is calling us to share His love in practical ways. Every summer, roughly 650 students visit SIFAT’s 176-acre campus to learn during a 5-night, 6-day program. Through interactive programming and simulations, L&S strives to build a bridge between the many people and cultures of this world. After receiving a global view, participants are encourage to think globally, and act locally, as they are challenged and equipped with tools to help them serve in their local communities back home. Rising 7th -12th grade youth are invited to come to SIFAT and experience what life is like for two-thirds of our brothers and sisters around the world!

  • Experiencepoverty first-hand: During L&S, participants have the opportunity to live like a citizenof a developing country through overnight experiences in SIFAT’s simulatedGlobal Village and Urban Slum. In these two different settings, students will experience first-hand the difficulty and challenges associatedwith meeting basic human needs in developing rural and urban areas inour world today.
  • Learn simple solutions to world-wide problems: After beginning to understandthe difficulty of meeting basic human needs through experiences in SIFAT’sGlobal Village and Urban Slum, participants are taughtsimple and practical solutions to the challenges they have faced. Studentsreceive hands-on training in appropriate technology—simple solutionsto challenges like malnutrition, water pollution, and smoke inhalation.  These life saving technologies are used today by graduates of SIFAT’s  International Training and directly connect L&S participantsto people across the world.
  • Share God’s love in practical ways: Students first receive a global view of the world and are then led to develop theirunderstanding of how to love practically in their own community. Duringthe week, students get the opportunity to serve in SIFAT’s surroundingcommunity, this provides them with a practical example of ways to putteaching into action when they return home.
  • Respond through small groups, worship, and teaching: All participants are divided into small groups led by college-age counselors.  TheL&S staff will guide students through each element of the Summer Experience.  During small group time, students are able to think critically and respond to the teaching they received during the week. Teaching, small groups,  and worship help students biblically connect their faith with everythingthey encounter throughout their week at SIFAT.