Land For Sale

LAND FOR SALE.  Many years ago the church was given 9 lots in a subdivision beside the Okaloosa / Walton County line.  The lots are considered by the county as one parcel.  The entire 9 lots equal 2.17 acres.  They reside in the second half of the subdivision and that half was never developed for good reason.  At some point the road connecting the two halves was completely washed away.  The half in which our lots are located is simply cut off from the world.   This property would make a good hunting ground considering all of the other lots on this side are cut off and undeveloped.   I recently walked the property and came as close as I dare without a winch on my jeep.  The roads are functional if you have a four wheel drive that has a winch.  The Okaloosa County property appraiser values the entire 2.17 acres of property at just over $6300.00.   At this point the trustees are willing to consider good faith bids by church members before we put it up to a realtor.  The parcel lot number on the Okaloosa County Property Appraiser Web site is 24-3n-22-2550-0020-0020.   Attached are a few photos I took on my search for the property. Please note that it took my four wheel drive jeep to get to the creek and that I did not cross the creek but by foot.  The walk from the creek to the property was approximately a half mile.  If you are interested in the property please contact me, Paul Hinton, Minister of Operation at First United Methodist.  I will be glad to drive you out to the property but I will not be crossing the creek without a winch.