Youth Discovery Weekend

Discovery is a weekend event for our youth for spiritual formation.  The high schoolers and the adults of the church are the leaders of the weekend who will lead the 5th-8th graders to a deeper relationship with Christ.  God’s love and Spirit will guide us all as we experience God’s love and celebrate the victory of Christ and the Church. 


The theme for the weekend is Discover God’s Love through the Church.  Friday’s theme is Discover God’s love.  The mid-highs arrive at 7:00pm.  All enjoy music, snacks, silly body tricks and games.  Skits, video and songs help teach about Jesus. The first talk is God Loves You.  After the talk the disciple groups meet.  After sharing and free time the mid-highs go to their night rooms in the Crossroads Center for prayer and quiet time for the night.  The senior highs go home.


The theme for Saturday is Discover the Joy and Forgiveness of Christ.  As the mid-highs shower and prepare for the day, the senior highs return to the church where everyone will eat breakfast.  The students hear talks about the Friendship of Christ and about Labels.  The disciple groups meet to discuss the talks and have activities to teach about the lessons of each talk. 


After lunch the Broken Pottery Service is held. This will be a powerful time as each person washes his or her hurts and/or sins in the water of Baptism.  After a time of reflection, the youth participate in a long break with lots of activities.  On Saturday night, the congregation, family members and friends along with the youth attend a Prayer Service.  This service begins at 6:30 pm in the sanctuary.  For most youth this will be the highlight of the weekend as they watch their family members pray and light a candle for them.  After the Service, a party is held with skits, music and entertainment.


Sunday morning the church is cleaned.  After breakfast the students attend worship with the larger church family.  The theme for Sunday is Discover the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. After evaluations, and letters all gather for Open Mic and Commitment Service.  This is a time to hear what the youth have discovered about God during the weekend.  Everyone is invited to rededicate his or her life to Christ or be Baptized for the first time.  Please talk to your child about Baptism and tell him/her the story of his/her Baptism.  If they choose to be Baptized for the first time, you will be phoned about this and invited to attend the service.  Please continue to pray for us as we seek God’s guidance in this great weekend.

 Please call Michael Milani (850-333-3954) to volunteer or with questions.


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