Small Group location & book cost

Reminder! Small Groups start Wednesday, Sept. 16th. Don't forget to sign up for your Small Group! Below is the list of classrooms and book cost (or you can order your book online).

All classes are held in the Crossroads Center.

"Walk Thru The Word" led by Dr. Art Luckie - Room 409, bring your Bible "Christ in Culture" led by Cecily & Paul Hinton - Room 402, 2 books, $11 each "The Disciple's Path" led by Allen Bell & Melissa Hynson - Room 403, $10 for the book "Set Apart" led by Nell Sutherland- Room 404, $11 for the book "Toxic Charity" led by David Hill - Room 405, $9 for the book "The Great Divorce" led by Pastor Michael Precht - Room 409 at noon on Wednesdays, $9 for the book

See Angie at the church office to purchase your book