Youth Hangouts Tomorrow: Slip 'n Slide & Chill

Tomorrow, our youth are pulling off 2 final summer shenanigans, each one cooler than the last!

First, come see how far and fast you can go on the most giant of all slip’n slides. Tomorrow, from 11AM-1PM we are taking over a piece of Crestview High School and claiming it in the name of Jesus and Shenanigans.  We’ll be hanging out with 300 new CHS freshmen at Bulldog Camp. Come ready to get wet and let the freshmen know they should come hang out with us all the time. 

Then, from 6:30-7:30, we are chilling at Chill. Bring a few bucks for fro-yo, and then stick around to talk about - whatever! 

At both events, we’ll have postcards with the dates of all our major events so you can get ready now for Fused, Meltdown, the return of Summit, and all the new stuff we’re doing this year. 

See you there!

— Rev. Michael Precht Pastor/Artisanal Email Crafter First United Methodist Church Crestview, FL