Open for Prayer


Mt. Zion African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church in Crestview will be open from 10AM-3PM tomorrow for any who wish to come pray in the aftermath of the killings in Charleston, SC. 

 Mt. Zion is at 502 McDonald St. Crestview, FL 32536

As a sign of kinship with our fellow Christians (and fellow Methodists, at that) I encourage us of First United Methodist to take time tomorrow to visit Mt. Zion and pray. Whether you can make it or not, I urge all who can to fast from lunch tomorrow and pray for God to forgive and transform our nation. Let us confess that for all the progress we have made, our culture is still possessed by the death-dealing power of racism. Let us mourn the martyrs who have died because of this power among us, and let us be a witness that this power will not have the last word in our hearts or our community.