In March, two consultants from Ministry Architects came and interviewed more than 40 people in our church to help us develop a plan for building the next phase of ministries in our church. At the end of their visit, Ministry Architects presented a 28-month timeline of goals for our church's growth, communication, and unity. Ministry Architects presented this plan to our entire Church Council, and after further detailed review, our Long-Range Planning Committee unanimously endorsed this plan for approval.  

And so... this Sunday, April 12, we are holding a special meeting of our Church Council at 12:15PM in our Sanctuary to vote on whether to adopt this timeline and its goals as our vision for ministry.  

You can review the timeline by clicking this link:

You can review the timeline here

Our elected members of the Church Council will be the ones voting, but everyone in the church is welcome to come share their thoughts as we consider this exciting and transformative vision for how we can carry out God's mission and share God's grace in the world and wiuth each other.