Wanna Lead A Small Group?

Is there a topic or a book of the Bible you are eager to learn about with a group of like-minded Christians? Maybe God is calling you to lead a small group! 

This next week marks the last week of our fall study groups on Wednesday nights. We will launch a whole new set of studies in January, and if there is a particular book, series, or theme you'd like to talk about, I hope you will email me (michael.precht@gmail.com) and let me know. I would like to have a full list of the studies we are offering by the second week of December, so drop me a line and we'll get started finding all the resources you need to lead a fun and engaging class!

And if you're curious about our schedule for November and December, here's the plan: We will take a break from all activities for the week of Thanksgiving. Kid's Street and Adult Study groups will be on hiatus until January. 

During our Wednesdays in December, we will have two weeks of Summit for our youth, and then we will have a church-wide event for all ages on Dec. 16.