Worship Through The Week - 10/22/15

Last week, we concluded our worship series focused on our church's core values, but we haven't left them behind. Now that we are done talking, it's time to start living those values. 

And one of our values is that we are Scriptural - scripture shapes everything that we do together. It shapes our worship, and our lives. Whenever someone joins the church, I say that we expect our members to be developing a daily habit of prayer based on scripture. There are lots of ways to develop that habit, but we are pleased to offer a new resource that we call "Worship Through the Week."  

Through these daily messages, we aim to bring the scriptures that shape our Sundays into the rest of our daily lives. Here's what you can expect from Worship Through The Week. 

Monday: A copy of the sermon from the previous Sunday. We'd love for you to read it, talk about it, and share it. 

Tuesday: A copy of the pastoral prayer from the previous Sunday before. We invite you to pray for all those needs mentioned in the prayer, or to use it as inspiration for your own prayers from the scriptures. 

Wednesday: We'll share the scriptures that will be used in the coming Sunday's prayer so that you can read them, consider them, and begin preparing your heart for the Sunday to come. 

Thursday: We'll share the music for the coming Sunday's worship services. The hymns and songs of the church are some of our most enduring and lively expressions of the scriptures. 

Friday: We'll share the scripture for the coming Sunday's sermon, along with a word cloud that can help you anticipate the themes we'll hear together.

I hope these messages become a daily grace in your life, so that we can fulfill our mission: "to unite the diversity of our community to the grace of Jesus Christ, through discipleship, worship, and service." Through these, we can pray together, and seek God together even when we are apart. And when we gather, our praise will be all the richer. 

See you Sunday!